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Read the New York Times article on our prosciutto With its rich and inviting flavor, our dry cured and delicately aged prosciutto-styled hams are truly a gourmet experience. Our prosciutto hams are cured in the traditional style with a salt rub and then air-dried to create a succulent treat. Two generations of curemasters have made this ham under the same conditions for a traditional prosciutto ham that is second to none. Traditionally Italian in its 12 month aging process, but still uniquely Johnston County as we stay true to our country ham heritage resulting in a richer bodied, slightly saltier ham than that of our European counter parts. Our prosciutto hams have been heralded by The New York Times and numerous food critics, even the most discerning palates will appreciate our version of this Italian favorite.

  "Robust and slightly sweet, with a lingering smoky salinity that tickles the tongue, they distill the best qualities of his long-aged country ham."
   From the New York Times article, 'Taste My Proscuitto', He Said With a Drawl.

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